Monday, January 12, 2009

Yummy Bacterially Fermented Milk (aka Yogurt)

Brian and I took a little exploratory trip down to Brentwood today. Brentwood is a lot like Keystone at the Crossing or Carmel in the Indianapolis area. There is a Trader Joe's and a big mall called the Galleria. All of the usual big box stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are there as well.

There is a Whole Foods Market there that carries my favorite brand of yogurt. This yogurt is the best I've ever tasted. It is made with 8 different bacterial cultures compared to only 1 in Dannon or Yoplait. Extra cultures means more healthy bacteria for your intestines. It also contains no artificial ingredients. It is sweetened with fruit and fruit juice and thickened a bit with tapioca. No artificial sweeteners or weird thickeners. Its a bit more expensive than Dannon or Yoplait ($.89 a container vs $.60 a container) but it is well worth it.

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