Sunday, March 15, 2009

Faolan the Bunny Slayer

It happened. I knew that it would eventually. Faolan went and caught himself a rabbit. Honey initiated the chase but Faolan saw her chasing the bunny and well... he's faster. He chased the little rabbit to the big spray of ornamental grass in the backyard. He dove under and came up with his prize. I went into the bedroom and said "Brian, Faolan caught a rabbit. Should I try to get it from him?" Brian said to make sure that it was dead and let him have it. I went outside and Faolan didn't seem to know what to do with it. He was nudging it and sniffing at it. So let's just say that Brian went outside and made sure it was dead. Faolan continued to lay next to his little furry dead friend and occasionally gave it a nibble. Faolan has had raw meat plenty of times but never with skin and fur on it. He seemed a bit perplexed. So once again my husband went outside and took care of business. I went outside to see what Faolan was doing but he wasn't in his spot. I noticed the shop door was open and Brian yelled out "Don't come in here!" I responded "Are you doing what I think you are doing?" He said "Yeah!". Thank you considerate husband! I am forever in your debt for not making me witness Thumper's transition into Faolan Food. So now my Bunny Slayer is in the backyard feasting on rabbit tartare.

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