Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is how people get skinny in St. Louis...

...they don't eat on Sundays. I drove around for about 45 minutes tonight looking for a place to eat that wasn't a national chain. We had heard really good things about a little Chinese restaurant about 15 minutes south of us, so I headed down there. They were closed. So then I called Brian and he looked up some reviews of other restaurants around the area I was in. I tried about 3 other places and they were all closed. I hadn't eaten since about 7am and my blood sugar was really low so I just stopped at McDonalds. Pretty much all of the Italian restaurants are also closed on Mondays. No wonder people aren't making any money. If you want to go out and do anything on a Sunday in St. Louis you had better go before about 5pm and go to a chain store or restaurant. Everything else is closed. I don't know why this irritates me so much. I guess we are just used to everything being open all week and also having a lot of 24 hour options. The only thing here that is 24 hours is the grocery store.

In other news, the sewing machine that I ordered 2 weeks ago STILL isn't here. The lady isn't emailing me back either. So we'll have to dispute the charge on Paypal and hope we get our money back. Guess it will be awhile before I get a sewing machine.

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